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Elements of a good Landscape Plan

Our main “product” here at Land Design is a Master Landscape Plan. This is a drawing that endeavors to capture all of the ideas we have for your yard and distill them down to a easy to read drawing that guides you and/or your contractor. So what should a good landscape plan include? Let’s take […]

The Best Native Pollinator Perennial that is Deer Resistant

Are you looking for a Deer Resistant Pollinator Perennial?  Look no further. Short Toothed Mountain Mint, Pycnanthemum muticum, is an all-star plant.  Alvin and I took a quick video on a walk by our year old native test garden.  From plugs planted one year ago we now have 2′ by 2′ shrubby pollinator magnets, with absolutely no […]

Eco Friendly permeable patio design in the Albany NY area

You may have heard of permeable paver systems in the last few years.  But just what are permeable pavers?

Controlling storm water is an evergrowing concern these days as more and more of our everyday environment is not permeable and rain water has nowhere to go.  If we can control the water on our own property  that is a significant step in easing the burden on our municipal systems.

Planning your Spring Landscape Project over the Winter

Where does the time go?  The Summer has come and gone and we are getting into the cool and wet weather of the Fall.  Laura and I still receive many client inquiries every week re large landscape projects, most containing some sort of hardscape element. Hardscape is a term we use referring to all of […]

Spring landscape planning in Albany NY

What a Winter it’s been; it looks like next week we’ll be pulling out of the cold temps and then we’ll all have to get outside and get our Spring cleanups going! I’ve gathered a collection of our how to videos to help. Do you need landscape planning and consulting? See what we do and […]

Landscape Design services for landscape contractors

Here at Land Design we work with both residential and commercial clients; many landscape contractors don’t realize that we also offer design services that they can utilize when they need to. Many landscape contractors are extremely busy and don’t have a lot of time to spend on designing. Many smaller companies would like to have […]