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Do you get giddy with excitement every Spring?  Do you love watching plants thrive and grow after you plant them? Why not start your own garden design business?

Laura and I will be working on launching a garden designer master class online course in 2019.  The class will not be your typical talking head, hastily produced online course.

The “How to Be a Garden Designer” course will feature multiple modules to guide you through the planning and launch of your own garden designer business.

Our business is based in the United States Northeast region (upstate New York – USDA Hardiness Zone 5A) so our plant palette, work practices, and marketing is geared to the Northeast or similar regions.  The course will not cover other zones or regions. 

Planned Modules:

  • Initial start up planning covering everything from choosing a name and launching a website to pricing and marketing strategies.
  • Northeast plant selection – we’ll demystify plant hardiness zones, cultivars, nativars, and the latest breakthroughs in planting amendments such as biochar and mycorrizhae.
  • Design lectures using real sites and solutions with video walk throughs.
  • Hands on video of Laura and I in the field planting and maintaining native and landscape ornamentals.

Do you want to turn your Love of Gardening into a Full or Part Time Career?

We’ll Show You How You Can!

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Here are a few of our YouTube videos which inspired us to create a full online course.

These are older videos so please forgive the video quality; our new course will be featuring HD video and sound!

Learn Garden Design in the
with us!

Keep updated on our Course Launch