FAQ for Land Design, Inc. landscape consulting and design

Do you do landscape maintenance such as mowing, pruning, and mulching?

No, I’m afraid we don’t. Land Design is an unique company in the Capital District and our main emphasis is providing landscape consulting and landscape plan creation. Please see our services info for what we offer.

Can you just come over to my house for a couple of hours and give me advice?

Yes we certainly can. See our Consultation service info. For the 2020 season our 2 hour consultation is $250.00. During that time we can just walk the property, giving you expert advice as you take notes. Or we can do a plant flagging consult where we create a customized plant list with photos together and then place wire flags with the plants’ names in their exact locations.

Do you provide design help to clients who are planning on doing the work themselves?

Yes we do!! One of our main services is to provide clients with small or large projects objective advice and actionable recommendations so they can install the project themselves but still get professional results.

How fast can I get an appointment for you to come to my home?

That’s a great question with a not simple answer. Ideally we want to have a quick turnaround to provide a client with whatever type of design help they need, once we meet with them. For that reason we have decided to only accept a few clients at a time. During peak times (the Spring) there may be a wait time of weeks for that initial site visit appointment.

I just need a simple patio and/or sidewalk put in. Can you just come over and give me a price?

While we design hardscapes (patios, walks, deck, fire pits, etc.) in our plans, we are not traditional landscape contractors. Our best advice for simple projects is to stop by a landscape supply business and ask for a referral for a contractor. Always ask about how long they warranty their work!

Can you do Landscape Designs without visiting our Home?

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For planting designs we now offer Landscape Design by Email Packages. You provide the measurements and photos, and will will send you back a scaled plan and plant portfolio! See our service page for all of the details.