Our service area is the immediate Albany NY Capital District.

Due to travel and fuel costs our service area is typically a 25 mile radius from our home address:

70 Weatherwax Road, Poestenkill NY 12140

Please take the time to thoughtfully fill out the below landscape design questionnaire with the input of everyone from your household. It is the first important step in the process of designing your landscape.

We are not landscape contractors; typically we do not perform installations. Our main services are design and consulting. Once your landscape plan is completed, we can provide installation consulting to make sure the plan is installed properly and address any on site design changes easily without delaying the project.

Please take the time to review our services thoroughly before proceeding. Here are quick links to our main services:





We realize that you may not have all of the “answers” to these questions; that’s why you called a landscape designer! If anything doesn’t apply or make sense for your particular situation, feel free to skip over it.

Typically our schedule does not permit us to review photos, property surveys, or other information before our appointment. Please gather anything you have and we’ll review it when we meet.

Once you have submitted the form you should be redirected to a confirmation page.  If this does not happen please give us a call; technology is not perfect! We are a 2 person company so phone calls may take several days to return.

We look forward to helping you create the outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of.

John and Laura

Landscape Design Questionnaire

Please fill out this extended contact form and survey so we can get a sense of your needs. We'll contact you ASAP to schedule a site visit appointment.

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Is creating a low maintenance landscape one of your goals?
Will you be maintaining your garden or will you hire a landscaping maintenance company?
Do you like plants with tight, contained shapes or looser, more natural shapes? Or a mix of both?
When you're sitting outside, do you enjoy being in the open or do you prefer an enclosed space?
Is there a deer browsing problem in your area?*
Are you planning on a pool or other major changes to your yard now or in the future (fence, deck, patio)?
If you would like to elaborate, please let us know any thoughts in the last field.
Are you contemplating doing all or some of the landscape work yourself?
Have you thought about your budget for the project installation or at least the first phase of the project? From a designer's perspective we don't want to design a $10,000 installation if your budget is $4,000. We're here to help you define your primary goals and see what can be done.

Often times our clients work on implementing their new plan in stages. We can help you prioritize your goals and determine the appropriate phases.
After reviewing the services we offer, which service do you think you'd like to schedule?*

We're asking this to help us schedule our time for the appointment to make sure we are not rushed. It is not unusual to determine which service is appropriate after we walk the site with you. Please remember the minimum charge is $100.00 for a visit to assess a site for one hour if you do not proceed with a consult or design plan package. If you have a property survey please have a copy available for us at the site visit since it may help decrease the pricing of your plan!