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    We can help you bring pollinators and many other beneficial insects into your yard with native plantings to protect the cycle of life.
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    Our scaled plans provide you or your contractor all of the information needed for an efficient installation.
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    Our landscape plans or consultations create dramatic but easy care plantings that bring interest all four seasons.
  • 11pool landscape plan Saratoga County NY - Landscape Design and Consulting
    Software models created from our CAD landscape plans help you visualize the project before any work is started.
  • Perennial garden for pollinators
    Let us take your wish list and create outdoor rooms to enjoy with your family and friends.

Land Design, Inc. is a landscape consulting and design company based in Rensselaer county serving all of Albany’s Capital District.  John and Laura Kelly have owned and operated Land Design, Inc. since 2003.  Together they have over 30 years of landscape and interior design experience.  Let us collaborate with you to create a garden to look at,  a sanctuary to be in, a yard to enjoy with your family.  From simple plantings to multi-year master plans, we’re here to help.

We are Landscape Consultants that provide Design Plans, Simple Consultations, and Landscape Project Management.

We are Designers not Landscape Contractors and charge for our consulting time.

We Do Not provide Estimates or Installation for any project unless it is in conjunction with Our Design Services.

We provide Hardscape Plans, Poolscape Plans, Sustainable Planting Plans, and complete Landscape Master Plans of your entire property.

What we do is more similar to a landscape architect’s role rather than a contractor’s or builder’s.  Clients pay us for our time and expertise in helping them create their outdoor spaces, whether it is a simple perennial border 2 hour consultation or a multi-year hardscape master plan installation.

In turn we are your advocates and provide objective, realistic advice fine tuned for your budget and goals.  Since you are paying us for our time we can take that time and create something special and unique to your home or business.

We can provide scaled CAD drawings, plant portfolios, 3D software models, and any other relevant information required for your particular project.

We do charge to visit your home; see our services pages below for all details.

 Please review our services carefully and contact us with any questions you may have.

Our Services
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We are members of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers , Ecological Landscape Alliance  , and WildOnes.org.  We help our clients create more sustainable landscapes by:

  • Reducing emissions and costs of pruning by using the right plant in the right place.
  • Using native or plants where possible; they consume fewer resources.
  • Building higher quality hardscape outdoor elements that will last and won’t clog our landfills prematurely.
  • Using water wisely by installing drip systems instead of spray systems.
  • Planning our outdoor spaces in advance to save time and money that can be used for the greater good of the community.
  • Partnering with several native plant nurseries to provide native perennials that typically can’t be found for landscape use.
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Land Design, Inc.

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