SAMPLE LANDSCAPE PLAN B 180x180 - Elements of a good Landscape Plan

Elements of a good Landscape Plan

Our main “product” here at Land Design is a Master Landscape Plan. This is a drawing that endeavors to capture all of the ideas we have for your yard and distill them down to a easy to read drawing that guides you and/or your contractor.

So what should a good landscape plan include? Let’s take a look at a typical plan we create.

When we visit your home we can spend hours measuring and photographing the site. This ensures we see all of the viewpoints and details you will see in your landscape. We inventory and evaluate all of your existing plants to ensure we keep valuable key plants. Where necessary we take elevation measurements of the site to provide accurate estimates of wall heights where needed. An initial plan of these measurements is called a site plan. Our site plans are done in CAD and are scaled to allow accurate measuring off the plan.

SAMPLE SITE PLAN 1030x687 - Elements of a good Landscape Plan



Once we have this map of what is in your yard, the fun can begin! We can provide multiple solutions to a project, allowing you to see different options. Plants are clearly labeled. Hardscape areas such as patios, fences, patios, pools are located and measurements provided to allow easy pricing from contractors. Below are examples of the landscape plan concepts and their accompanying removal plans, special drawings to help identify the plants being removed easily.

After the drawing is done we can also include optional 3D renderings of key elements to help you and your contractor visualize your landscape. This example shows the redesign of a rustic staircase to a safer and predictable retaining wall system.

IMG 1117 - Elements of a good Landscape Plan
IMG 1126 - Elements of a good Landscape Plan
Harpstairs6 - Elements of a good Landscape Plan
Harpstairs1 - Elements of a good Landscape Plan
Harpstairs7 - Elements of a good Landscape Plan
Harpstairs4 - Elements of a good Landscape Plan
Harpstairs2 - Elements of a good Landscape Plan
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3D “models” are available for most CAD plans as an optional addon.

Often we spend 40-50 hours producing our Master plans to ensure it meets your needs. Ready to begin the Master Landscape Design process? Head over to our Questionnaire page!