Asian jumping worm

Jumping worms threaten forest and garden health in Albany’s Capital District

A year ago I did not know what a jumping worm was. Laura has done quite a bit of research on them and it is looking like these Asian invasive species (there are 3 distinct species here in the United States) will be affecting our landscapes,…
Mountain mint in native garden design

The Best Native Pollinator Perennial that is Deer Resistant

Are you looking for a Deer Resistant Pollinator Perennial?  Look no further. Short Toothed Mountain Mint, Pycnanthemum muticum, is an all-star plant.  Alvin and I took a quick video on a walk by our year old native test garden.  From…
Small master planting plan

Planning your Spring Landscape Project over the Winter

Where does the time go?  The Summer has come and gone and we are getting into the cool and wet weather of the Fall.  Laura and I still receive many client inquiries every week re large landscape projects, most containing some sort of hardscape…
hardscape design landscape planning garden by the mailbox ideas
Wynantskill NY outdoor kitchen

Landscape project budgeting

As a landscape designer for almost 30 years in Albany's Capital District I have designed and installed projects that ranged from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Meeting with clients about their landscape design project…