For any project in scope above a simple planting the Plan Package is a must. As designers we want as much information as we can get about your goals, likes, dislikes, and budget. Use our Contact form and we’ll start the process of seeing how our services can help.

If you decide not to pursue a design with us there will be a $100.00 consult fee for the hour visit to reimburse us for our time and travel. If we are moving ahead with a design we’ll then measure and photograph the site and review your survey and other materials. Feel free to compile photos and ideas for us; many of our clients do this on Houzz and Pinterest social sites. Laura and I do not believe in forcing our own design ideas on you; we do not have a certain “style”. If you have a goal or preference that is not realistic for your budget or site we’ll help you find an alternative.

What does a Plan package consist of? Let’s take a look at the parts that make up your Plan of Action:

The CAD Plan
From our site measurements and your survey we create a Digital CAD plan which can be emailed and revised easily.

The Plant List
From our database started in 2003, we use this customized software to provide you with a plant list selected specifically for your site.

This is the same software used in our 2 Hour Landscape Consultations.

plant list3 1 1030x701 - Landscape Design Plans
plant list3 1030x701 - Landscape Design Plans

After the CAD plan is created, we can “build” a scaled model of the plan to show how it will appear when installed. We find it helps when dealing with more complicated hardscape / outdoor kitchen / outdoor room layouts since it can show sight lines and other details before construction. Revising plans during construction is an expensive undertaking so this plan option is well worth the additional expense on the planning end of things!

After we visit your site and review your goals we’ll sit down and go over your options for the plan package and see what elements you wish to incorporate. A contract is signed at that meeting and a 50% deposit is required.

The balance is due when we meet again to present the plan.

Pricing for design packages varies widely; plans can range from a 20 x 20 deck design

to an entire 2 acre property with a pool, poolhouse, outdoor kitchen, etc.

Most of our design packages’ pricing  falls into the range between $1200.00 and $2300.00, depending on the complexity of the project, the number of concepts done, etc.

For pool / hardscape/outdoor kitchen packages we recommend doing an ABC package; this is where we do 3 different concepts that all fit your needs but with different spatial layouts and elements. This approach allows you to see a variety of ideas and possibilities.

We’ll present the 3 concepts and you can digest them for a few weeks before the one included revision is done.

The final concept is often a combination of elements from the initial 3 concepts!

Turnaround time for average sized plans is 5-7 weeks usually; please allow for this in your planning and call us as early as you can!