Seeing our designs come to life is an exciting thing for us; this portfolio of landscape designs and managed landscape design projects shows a wide cross section of job sizes, budgets, and types. Every one of these began as a landscape design plan package or a landscape consultation.  As you can see they range from very simple planting projects to vast, multi-phase master plans. Some of these projects span 3-7 years as each phase is implemented. As long as a sound master landscape plan is in place, it doesn’t matter how long the process takes. The goals will be reached without any need to redo or rethink along the way.

All of the installations shown are Managed Projects, where we oversee every detail of the installation.  There are also a few design only projects to complete our portfolio overview.

We’ve grouped the projects into groups so similar projects can be viewed quickly. The photos in the galleries can be shared to Pinterest or other social media. We encourage you to compile an idea book for us prior to our first meeting.

Backyard Landscape Designs

Coming up with backyard landscape designs can be a daunting task. Typically we spend most of our time in our back yards; they really are “outdoor rooms”.

Low maintenance landscaping is always a bonus when planning your backyard landscape. Using the right plant in the right place, using proven plant varieties, and using lower maintenance materials for patios contribute to an easy care landscape.

Developing a long term landscape plan for your back yard allows you to budget and develop your yard without having to redo and correct mistakes. Everyone has a different priority list for their back yard – our plans are custom created to your wish list.  Elements we in our plans include privacy barriers, outdoor kitchens, water features, decks, patios, pools, hot tubs, landscape lighting, and of course, plantings! Back yard patio designs are our specialty; we love to do ABC landscape design packages where we create 3 concepts of different backyard design ideas to show you as many possibilities as possible. Typically one of these will click with you and perhaps the final plan incorporates a few elements of the other 2 landscape plans.

Front yard and Entry Landscape Designs

Our front yards are “the face” we present to our neighbors, our guests, and the world.  Typically we don’t spend nearly as much time in our front yards as in our back yards but they are equally as important.  A front yard landscape design can be done for functional needs such as a safer set of steps and/or walkway. Or trying to create a more welcoming place for visitors and friends. Since we usually want to maximize our time in our back yards a low maintenance  landscape design can help.  And let’s not forget how nice it would be nice to come home every day to a fresh, beautiful front yard!

Garden Designs

Sometimes in a landscape design the stars are the plants themselves. Here in the United States we often refer to vegetable gardens as “gardens”. We like to refer to  landscape plans that focus primarily on the enjoyment of the plants within them as garden designs.  It can be creating a colorful border planting to enjoy from a certain view, adding a greeting bed to welcome visitors as they enter your drive, or building a functional vegetable garden that serves as a decorative focal point.

Garden Designs require a good working knowledge of plants, their seasonal highlights, their mature sizes, and their desired growing conditions.

We’ve all seen gardens that were designed and planted using plants that all were peak at a certain time in the season. Typically we want to have a succession of bloom throughout the season from early Spring through Fall. Perennials are balanced by selective use of shrubs and small trees that provide structure, focal points, and Winter interest.

Small Planting Designs

Some of our projects don’t involve a massive overhaul of existing landscapes; very often we are replacing plants within a defined space that is not changing. Often these planting installations emanate from a simple 2 hour landscape consultation.
Selecting the right plant for the right place is crucial if the plantings are to succeed long term without being a maintenance nightmare. Here are a few of those types of planting grouped together for easy viewing.

Poolscape Designs

Average costs of installing an in ground pool can be 30-40 thousand dollars; it is a major investment in your property. Having a multiple concept landscape design package done before the pool is installed is money well spent.

You want to be able to access the pool easily but here, in the Capital District, we’ll have 6 months or so when the pool is not in use. Placing the pool so your entire yard works well for your particular activities all year long is crucial.

Do you fence just the pool area or the entire back yard? What plantings will work well around the pool? How much hardscape around the pool is enough? We’ll help you with all of these decisions so you’ll be prepared before any excavation is done. Already have a pool installed? We’ll create a plan that will maximize your enjoyment of the space and your entire back yard.